Founded in 2009 SHINI SYNCRO Extrusion Control LTD now branded SYNCRO ASIA has become one of the most active and important Companies in the SYNCRO Group. Based in Dongguan (Guangdong province) SYNCRO ASIA manufactures some strategic products for the Asian Market such as batch blenders and gravimetric hoppers along with extrusion control.
With more than 25 employees including 5 people dedicated to the service, and a complete availability of spare parts, SYNCRO ASIA represents a reference point for all the customers located in ASIA.

Managed by Lorna Liu (Sales Manager) and Chenny Cheng (Product Manager) , with a 2014 target of over 200 blenders complete with extrusion control SYNCRO ASIA is now a landmark in the Asian market.
Chenny Cheng Product Manager SYNCRO ASIA
Gabriele Caccia CEO SYNCRO GROUP
Lorna Liu Sales Manager SYNCRO ASIA
Diego Dell'Anna Sales & Marketing Director SYNCRO GROUP

At the last Chinaplast , 6 OEM have equipped their blown film lines with SYNCRO ASIA gravimetric dosing unit along with the supervisory System  .
SYNCRO equipped the High Performance JM blown film line 5 layer for their CHINAPLAST 2014 open house. The line has been equipped with the automatic air ring connected with the exclusive combined technology  scanner series. For blending and conveying SY-ASIA supplied #5 batch blenders and centralized conveying system  .
Following the request JINMING, the bigger Chinese OEM, SYNCRO has recently developed an exclusive Auto Profile Control for quenching lines. Based on an exclusive deformation die lip design managed by heaters, this technology can achieve important results in profile control. Combined with SYNCRO's scanner and die control , the system is able to reduce the profile 2 sigma up to 50 % of the starting value. Installed on a 7 layer quenching line, this technology represents an important advancement in SYNCRO's profile regulation experience.