SYNCRO, ,is a revolutionary new gauge which measure the thickness and weight of foils, sheets, films of any type of material without radiation. The X-ray backscatter sensor raYx is based on the measurement of Compton rays, scattered by the material being measured. Compton rays are very similar to beta rays in that their absorption is relatively insensitive from chemical composition.

They have the great advantage to be generated from a tube and do not suffer therefore the costs and the limitations due to the use of radiation. In addition the raYx is mounted on a single sided traversing frame and it offers advantages of cost and space.

Ideal for :

  • stretch film lines
  • non woven lines
  • BOPP lines
  • Al and Cu rolling mill or cutting lines
  • High accuracy amplifier with (opt) internal linearization
  • Extremely high dynamic range: capable to amplify from 10 pA to 1mA. 4-20 mA output as standard.
  • Easy to install and service
  • True air gap density compensation with pressure and temperature measurement
  • Extremely stable regulation of X-rays generation
  • Well defined beam capable to read scratches and to make very precise cross web regulation.
  • Easy and immediate adjustment of HT and current and therefore of measuring range.
  • Extremely stable and precise measurement: down to 0,02 micron of reproducibility with a max. drift without standardisation in 12 h of 0.085 microns



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