is the SYNCRO auto die system to control automatically the thermal cartridge in the flat die to regulate the film/sheet thickness being able to modify mechanically the flat die lip. Due to the smart control special die mapping will allow the system to consider material neck-in, neck-out and bumping to achieve a better auto die control to get always the best product.

auto profile control meets application also on blown film line process.
It can be interfaced on OEM die with thermal cartridge heaters to modify the die lip opening/closing according to the target thickness.
It can also be interfaced to auto air ring with cartridge heaters internally installed where according to the profile set the air temperature will be modified accordingly.

Based on commercial modular PLC electronics, ensures simple, practical operation by providing the operator with all the information required to operate the system clearly and intuitively using touch screen HMI on board.
In blown film application would be controlled and connected to any of the SYNCRO gauging system for blown film line.



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