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series is design to meter up to #4 components.

delivers a perfect blend due to the cascade static mixer which provide an excellent dispersion of all components metered simultaneously into the mixing chamber.

Mixing chamber is an hopper with a mechanical and temporized screw mixer which guarantee and maintain the blend.

Every single weight hopper and relative material is weighted and hooked to a lid mounted on off-centre load cell.

The special and innovative design allow to remove every weight hopper easily for a very fast cleaning and product changing.

Due to the self supporting frame can be installed directly on the mezzanine without need of any external support.

The modular logic allow to upgrade the dosing system up to 6 components.

is designed to match SYNCRO’s conveying system, upon request it can be arrange to match customer’s receiver.

Weight hopper refill logic is controlled by a customised butterfly valve.


Auger screw dosing unit :

  • BRUSHLESS brushless motor
  • Manual slide gate to allow cleaning and material draining
  • Interchangeble auger screw

#1 Electrical box on board mounted, pre-arranged to be managed bycustomer’s supervisory system it includes module inside and including drivers, load cell amplifier and AUTO/OPEN/CLOSE buttons.




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